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Raumati Studio

Welcome to LAPIS Healing Room

Are you suffering from headaches, sore neck & shoulders, or back pain? Feeling tired, stressed out from life’s up & down, or just needing a bit of time to treat your mind & body? 


Come and enjoy a deep relaxation for your body, mind, and soul at LAPIS Healing Room in Raumati Beach. 


Immerse yourself into seven colors of light with Peaceful Music, Aromatic Fragrances and Beautiful Natural Crystals.


We provide Relaxation & Therapeutic Massage, Indian Head Massage, REIKI Healing, and Crystal Therapy to help you relax, refresh, and rejuvenate.


Naomi Saito


Certificate in Relaxation Massage with Aromatherapy (NZCM)

On-site Chair Massage, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, Indian Head Massage, REIKI Master practitioner, Certified Crystal Healer 

Member of the international association of therapists 

Mental psychology counselor qualification (JADP) 

Therapist profile

I am the founder & therapist of Lapis Healing Room. I have been operating my home clinic in Raumati Beach and have been providing Massage and Reiki Healing since 2009.  I have been operating On-site massage services for many government departments, corporates, and private homes in the Greater Wellington area and Kapiti Coast since 2007. 


I focus on providing a wholistic treatment for body, mind, and soul to improve and maintain your health 

and balance your energy. I use a variety of bodywork and Energy-work such as Swedish Massage, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, Indian Head Massage, Japanese Seitai Body work, REIKI Healing, and Crystal therapy depending on your condition and needs.



I provide a variety of massage and bodywork techniques in our treatment depending on your condition and needs using the combination of technique from Swedish Massage, Aroma Therapy, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, Indian Head Massage, Japanese Seitai Therapy and REIKI Energy Healing. Each session will be tailored to suit your problem area, health condition, and preferred pressure.

The health benefits of Massage…


Massage is one of the oldest & most popular healing arts, and it has many benefits such as…

  • Relax and soften injured, tired, and overused muscles 

  • Increase joint flexibility

  • Improve circulation

  • Relieve tension headaches

  • Reduce low-back pain and improve postures

  • Enhance immunity by stimulating lymph flow of the body

  • Lessen emotional stress, depression & anxiety


Each session will be tailored to suit your problem area, health condition, and preferred pressure.

  • Gift vouchers available

Relaxation Massage

60 minutes


Therapeutic Massage

70 minutes


Whole Body Treatment

90 minutes


Indian Head Massage

50 minutes



REIKI Healing

Reiki is a system of natural healing that involves channelling energy through the hands to promote balance and good health of the body, mind, and spirit. Some of the Reiki healing benefits are...


  • Creates deep relaxation

  • Aids in better sleep

  • Reduces emotional stress, depression, & anxiety

  • Accelerates the body's self-healing abilities

  • Relieve tension & pain

  • Assists the detoxifying process of the body

  • Removes energy blockages and balances the chakra (energy centre of the body)

  • Helps spiritual growth and emotional clearing


Treatment is totally safe, non-invasive (usually on-clothes) and can be used alongside other therapies, including conventional medicine. There is no physical manipulation involved.




What is REIKI and how it works?

REIKI (ray- kee) is a Japanese word meaning "Universal life energy" and it is also the name of a system of natural healing for the body, mind, and soul. REIKI therapists channel universal life energy " Ki (Qi)” through the hands to promote healing for the physical, mental, and emotional body to bring the balance and good health to the person receiving treatment.

REIKI Healing is totally safe, non-invasive (over the clothes) and can be used with other therapies, including conventional medicine.  People of all ages, animals, etc. with any type of problem could benefit from this gentle form of therapy.  

The recommended treatment for the whole body is usually 60 minutes, and it can be combined with other body therapy or crystals to enhance the deep relaxation experience. 

Some people feel warm energy flowing through their body, ease of pain and tension of the body, and have a meditative state of mind; freeing themselves from emotional stress and trauma etc.

REIKI Healing

50 minutes


REIKI Healing with Crystals

60 minutes


Combination REIKI &

75 minutes


Combination REIKI &


90 minutes




Raumati Studio /  Gavin Road, Raumati Beach, Kapiti

Opening hours

Monday -  Friday / 10:30am – 6:00pm         Saturday  / 11:00am – 5:30pm

Booking & Inquiry

What is Crystal Therapy and how it works?

Crystal therapy is an ancient healing system which treating patients holistically through the precise placement of crystals on the body and the surrounding room in a grid-like pattern. Crystals have been used for millennia to heal and bring balance.  


Some crystals contain minerals that are known for their therapeutic properties; such as Copper reduces swelling and inflammation.  A beautiful dark green crustal Malachite has high concentrations of copper which aid in aching joints and muscles. Wearing a Malachite bracelet allows the body to absorb minute amounts of copper in exactly the same way as a copper bracelet does. 


Ancient healers also knew that while some crystals are either energizing or calming, there are crystals that will both sedate an overactive organ and stimulate a sluggish one. 


Every crystal has its own unique electromagnetic charge. These charges - 'healing vibrations’ resonates with our body's energy center (Chakra) to remove 'blockages' and restore a healthy flow through the body, mind, and energy field. By bringing the chakras back into balance, many states of physical and psychological diseases can be healed. It is a non-invasive, relaxing, natural and enjoyable process.



James  Lee

Jackie Cole

John Steel

Bank of New Zealand, Wellington

Crown Law, Wellington

Partner / Gibson Sheat Lawyers

Naomi regularly visits our office to provide on-site head and neck massages. I always look forward to Naomi’s visit. Naomi is  excellent at what she does, creating a calm and peaceful environment to weave her magic at locating and sorting out those many knots. All done with a ready smile and a giggle. I always leave feeling a little less stressed and a great deal straighter.

I have been a client with Naomi for the past 9 years and have found her service to be exemplary. Naomi is professional, respectful and attentive. She is also very knowledgeable, grounded, and focused towards her clients. She continues to learn new massage techniques to make her even more expert in her craft. I would not hesitate in recommending her to anyone.

I had Naomi's On-site Table Massage session at my work.  It was AWESOME!   I felt like I was transported to another world for 30minutes... and I feel like a new woman. My neck and back are feeling 1000 times better than a couple of hours ago.  I am keen for another one next week!!

Junko T. Comeskey


Lapis's gift voucher is the best present you can get for your loved ones for birthdays, special occasions, or any time for a treat. My mother-in-law throughly enjoyed the experience and Naomi's caring approach. As soon as you come into Naomi's therapy room, you will be indulged by the lovely aroma, and her skilled and healing hands, with or without oil. Its very easy to talk with Naomi and she listens carefully to your needs. Enjoy your time at Lapis!

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