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Transform your office 


relaxation space. 

"A Quick 20 minute massage more than doubles productivity compared to just a coffee break"

Workplace Massage

All you need is 2㎡ space, we will bring everything

Is your work place filled with happy and smiling faces?  Do you or your workmates have headaches, sore neck & shoulders, back pain, fatigue or feeling stressed out? 


Do you wish to have time to relax, and refresh your mind and body, but, can't find the time to go and have a massage? 


On-site Massage is a great way to support your team members at work, offices, Sports organisations, to reduce stress and maintain their wellbeing.


Having regular massage will help transform your workplace into a happy & positive place, Where you and your workmates have full performance and achieve their goals.

Mobile massage around Wellington

We have been providing On-site Massage services for corporates, sports events,


Business conferences, special events in Wellington and Kapiti area since 2007.


Our therapists are all qualified, experienced and have a professional approach to your individual


health needs to ensure the best possible treatment.


Our Services

Chair Massage

We provide Therapeutic Massage for neck, shoulders, upper back, lower back, head, Arms & hands to suit each client’s needs and preference. 

Our therapist will tailor the treatment for your Individual medical conditions and needs

by request. 

  • Ideal for work places, conferences, Sports event, special events etc. 

  • Easy to schedule the session into your regular work routine. 

  • You can choose from Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly, Annually, or One-off visit. 

  • Motivate staff members and creates positive energy in work 

  • Our therapist will bring a massage chair and equipment to set up a treatment Space in your chosen venue.



e.g. Neck & Shoulders



e.g. Neck, Shoulders, Arms



e.g. Head, Neck, Shoulders, Arms


* Treatments are customized to suits each client’s condition / needs 

* Choice of On-clothes (No Oil), Partly with Oil, Oil Massage are available 

* ​Please, advise us in advance if you have any health problem, allergies etc ​


Our Services

Workplace Table Massage


e.g. Neck & Shoulders



e.g. Neck, Shoulders, Arms



e.g. Head, Neck, Shoulders, Arms



e.g. Whole Upper Back, Legs



e.g. Whole Back, Chest, Face or Foot


* NOTE : Table session are only available for the venue with on-site parking



Robyn De La Haye

Design Director at Essence Design Ltd.

Just wanted to highly recommend. Naomi, I see her at the studio in Raumati and the care and attention she provides is wonderful. A real spa like feel in her home studio, lovely relaxing massage, but she can also work into any knots you have.

James  Lee

Bank of New Zealand, Wellington

I have been a client with Naomi for the past 9 years and have found her service to be exemplary. Naomi is professional, respectful and attentive. She is also very knowledgeable, grounded, and focused towards her clients. She continues to learn new massage techniques to make her even more expert in her craft. I would not hesitate in recommending her to anyone.

John Steel

Partner / Gibson Sheat Lawyers

Naomi regularly visits our office to provide on-site head and neck massages. I always look forward to Naomi’s visit. Naomi is  excellent at what she does, creating a calm and peaceful environment to weave her magic at locating and sorting out those many knots. All done with a ready smile and a giggle. I always leave feeling a little less stressed and a great deal straighter.

Nicola Smith

Funding & Contracts Manager,

Crown Forestry Rental Trust

I have been having regular massages with Yuki on-site at my work place for about a year now.  The service provided is absolutely THE best and I never miss an opportunity to have a massage with her.  Yuki does a great job every time and I’m always left on cloud nine.  She gets rid of all of the sore spots I didn’t even know I had.  Furthermore she is very professional, friendly, and makes me feel comfortable.  I highly recommend using Lapis Healing Room for a relaxing, therapeutic massage.  Thank you!

Jackie Cole

Crown Law, Wellington

I had Naomi's On-site Table Massage session at my work.  It was AWESOME!   I felt like I was transported to another world for 30minutes... and I feel like a new woman. My neck and back are feeling 1000 times better than a couple of hours ago.  I am keen for another one next week!!

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